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7 September 1989


My name is Dale. I LOVE ASIAN THINGS! Especially DBSK <3

I have a wonderful MP3 and Asian PV rotation...So please take a look! =D

Much Love

And take a look at my community of AWESOMENESS!


I love all kinds of music from Asia. Rock, pop, R&B, you name it, i'll like it. If I haven't heard of an artist I'd love to try it out. My current biggest favorites are Boa, Dong Bang Shin Ki, and the TRAX. They are all my favorites!

I like to sing and dance, but I'm not very good at either, so I always do them when no one's around. But I think I can get better if I keep practicing, don't you? :D

My blog is not only random accounts of my life, but I also update every time there's an Asian artist's birthday! For every birthday I give you a picture, my opinion of the artist, embed a Youtoube video, and upload a song or 2. :3 So read often~!